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If this is an emergency...

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 for police/fire/ambulance.

For after-hours health problems, call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000. A registered nurse will ask detailed questions about your problem, and determine whether you need to go to a hospital emergency department, a walk-in clinic or your family doctor.

For assistance in finding emergency shelter or a meal, call The Street Helpline at 1-866-392-3777 (toll-free) or 416-392-3777. During the winter, The Street Helpline operates 24/7; during the rest of the year, operating hours are 8 a.m. to midnight. When The Street Helpline is closed, call 211.

If you are in crisis, our Making Choices guide has the phone number for all crisis services in Toronto. You can also go to the emergency department at your nearest hospital.

Fred Victor Contact Information

Our programs and services run out of 18 locations across Toronto

Administrative Office
59 Adelaide Street East, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1K6
ph: (416) 364-8228
fax: (416) 364-4728

Programs Office
210 Dundas Street West, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2E8
ph: (416)482-4103
fax: (416)482-5237

Fred Victor Housing
145 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S1
ph: (416) 369-1199
fax: (416) 369-1405

Transitional Housing
145 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S1
ph: (416) 364-6947


Fred Victor Women's Hostel
Lombard Street
Toronto, Ontario
ph: (416) 368-2642
fax: (416) 368-5890

Bethlehem United Shelter
1161 Caledonia Road
North York, Ontario
M6A 2W9
ph: (416) 644-1734
fax: (416) 644-1740

Mortimer Avenue Housing
Mortimer Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
ph: (416) 421-2474
fax: (416) 421-3406

Dawes Road Housing
Dawes Road
Toronto, Ontario
ph: (416) 285-9637
fax: (416) 421-3406

Friends Restaurant
145 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S1
ph: (416) 364-8228

Friends Catering
(416) 364-8220

Employment and Training Services
248 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S3
ph: (416) 364-8986
fax: (416) 364-4728

Housing Access and Support Services
100 Lombard Street, Suite 205
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1M3
ph: (416) 364-3522
fax: (416) 364-7815

Health and Community Services Centre Reception
145 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S1
ph: (416) 644-3081
fax: (416) 364-8526

Supports to Daily Living
319 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 4M1
ph: (416) 869-3551

Fred Victor Women's Day Program
67 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1K6
ph: (416) 392-9292
fax: (416) 492-9575
St. James Outreach Program (STOP)
325 Bleecker Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4X 1M2
fax: (416) 928-0025

Community Outreach Services Scarborough
2660 Eglinton Avenuet East
Toronto, Ontario
M1K 2S3
fax: (416) 265-7375

Mental Health Court Support Services – College Park
444 Yonge Street Room 263 + 265
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2H7
fax: (416) 598-3495

Mental Health Court Support Services – Old City Hall
60 Queen Street West Room 20
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2M4
fax: (416) 364-3671


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